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Training highly qualified, multi-disciplinary human resources, in which education science and teacher training are the cores; conducting scientific research and providing community services; contributing to the socio-economic development of the Mekong Delta and the whole country.


Becoming a high-quality center of training and scientific research in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Philosophy of Education

Constructivist - Professional - Integrated

Constructivist: Actively constructing and offering a dynamic educational environment on the basis of the spirit of innovation, creativity, and proactiveness, in which the entire staff and students harmoniously collaborate to create new knowledge and values to make the institution become a modern, liberal university and develop under the model of a happy school.

Professional: Particularly giving prominence to standards and efficiency in educational and labor activities in which human values are always attentive; Complying with common principles, respecting differences, and proactively adapting to the ever-changing job market.

Integrated: Aiming to build up an open education ecosystem training global citizens for society; Promoting cooperation on the basis of connection and companionship to develop in conformity with international quality standards.

Core values

Quality - Creativity - Cooperation - Responsibility - Friendliness.

Quality: Quality is the core value, the university pursues a strategy towards the goal of high-quality development; motivating individuals and university units to improve operational efficiency, especially in university administration, training, scientific research, and community service. 

Creativity: Creativity can act as a driving force for development, a fundamental value that must always be recognized, nurtured, and promoted. The university builds a culture of creativity and inspires and promotes creativity in all activities of each individual and unit.

Cooperation: Cooperation is the sharing of awareness and action, responsibility, and interest to create strength and a premise for success. The university always promotes cooperation and considers it as a fulcrum for creating a connection with partners and international integration.

Responsibility: Responsibility is a fundamental value, the university upholds the responsibility of each individual and each unit in performing their duties, ensuring the harmony between interests and responsibilities. The greater the autonomy is, the greater the responsibility is.

Friendliness: Friendliness is a value that contributes to the impulse of other values ​​in the value system. The university is a higher education institution with an open cultural environment, civilized behavior, and communication.