• Posted: 17/Feb/2023
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The theme of 2022 – 2023 academic year, definitely put as “Digital Transformation Acceleration and Quick Adaptation”, explicitly shows Dong Thap University’s high sense of consensus and determination in “turning challenges into opportunities”, constantly pursuing its expected target of fast and sustainable growth.

Accordingly, it’s suggested that our university’s leaders and managers, its entire staff, undergraduate and graduate students as a unified contingent to promote the sense of creativity, of responsibilities for the successful and coordinated implementation of overall measures as oriented below:

1. Keeping on igniting the inception and effectively applying its own experience of tertiary education autonomy and advanced administration.

2. Fully taking advantage of its favorable location in Mekong Delta and in Dong Thap province for the feasible implementation of professional activities of organizing training courses, conducting scientific research projects, and offering needed services to the whole community in a more timely, effective and large-scaled manner.

3. Continuously exploring the University’s huge potentials in educational science, teacher’s training experience and achievements to innovate all education activities comprehensively; simultaneously to attach greater importance to organizing creativity and innovation activities within the institution.

4. Taking digital transformation as a fulcrum to boost the perfection of the institution’s management system while continuously exploiting and promoting the competitive advantage of a multi-disciplinary university.

5. Promoting the advantages and potentials of the University’s management and teaching staff, and its learners (of whole-heartedness, with strong desire for devotion, and with high consensus, humanity, and compassion nature) for its ongoing cause of innovation and growth in parallel with launching initiatives, projects to attract, foster and employ talented persons.

6. Boosting the formation and implementation of the University Culture code as well as its training quality culture, based on its currently accredited training philosophy of “Constructivist-Professional-Integrated”. 

7. Enhancing the University’s cooperation and partnership with job recruiters, organizations, entities, enterprises and specialists and as its reliable and long-term companions in training human resources for Dong Thap province, provinces in the Mekong Delta and the whole country.

8. Actively participating in key programs, projects that contribute to the realization of a prosperous – mighty – happy Vietnam, and to sustainable development in Mekong Delta, in association with the globally-shared goal of timely response to climate change. 

9. Constantly developing DThU with its core essence of “Dong Thap University Spirit” - staying psychologically proactive to any situations, absolutely saying no to any signs of contentment with the current position but always getting prepared for seeking and taking opportunities toward a better ranking; creating DThU eco-educational system, with dynamic operation and management, advanced academic environment, liberated education philosophy, sentimental behavior, full happiness and joy.



Dr. Ho Van Thong