• Posted: 27/Feb/2023
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Composed by Vo Xuan Hung
By the gentle Tien River is located our beloved university.
Over the past years, it has grown impressively! 
Let’s join hands together to nurture our germinated green buds, 
To reach new heights in the academic world!
From the bottom of our hearts, we love all presentations, 
Designed by our lecturers on days and nights of arduous work.
Despite the rocky road to success, we consistently follow our forerunners,
To write historical golden pages to glorify Vietnam’s wisdom, 
To bring fame to our homeland – The Mekong Delta, 
And to give off the fragrance of our lotus land – Dong Thap!
Dong Thap University flaps its wings,
To fly far away to the horizon of science!
For a bright future,
Shoulder by shoulder, we light up our ambition!
Dong Thap University is always the firm launching pad, 
For our steps with full of optimistic belief in life,
To everywhere to build our brilliant homeland,
To bring fame to our beloved beautiful Dong Thap University.
Let’s sing along for our love to Dong Thap University,
The place with an available book of life for us.
To keep writing up glorious pages with our strong love and belief
In its sustainable development in the future!