Job Fair of foreign enterprises holding at Dong Thap University

  • Posted: 22/Jan/2018
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On January 13, 2018, a Job Fair was hold at Dong Thap University with the participation of foreign enterprises located in Vietnam.
Meeting between leaders of enterprises and of Dong Thap University

The Job Fair was hold with the presence of 6 Taiwanese and Chinese enterprises located in Dong Thap province and neighbouring provinces, including Honoroad Viet Nam Rice Bran Processing Co., Ltd., Gain Lucky Co., Ltd, Bohsing Co., Ltd, Polytex Far Eastern VN Co., Ltd, Chanh Duong Paper Co., Ltd., Nghi Phong Joint Venture Co., Ltd., and around 150 students majoring in Chinese linguistics, and students who can speak Chinese or English at Dong Thap University.

One of the reasons that the enterprises wanted to recruit Dong Thap University’s students was due to the urgent demand of Chinese competence employees. In addition, the above mentioned enterprises also highly appreciated the University’s graduates who are working or being apprentices at their company. They expressed the hope that they would like to recruit many students of Chinese linguistics who were able to meet the job’s requirements as the students of the previous training programs.

This is one of the most important events of Dong Thap University with the objective of facilitating the graduates by introducing them to job opportunities which are full-time and corresponding to their majors; helping the students approach job market and recruiters; effectuating the university’s commitment to the society in assuring training quality, enhancing the university’s responsibility with its students; popularizing the Chinese linguistics training program at the university.

Taking part in the Job Fair, the students could find out information on paid apprenticeships, and job opportunities after graduation. Also at this fair, many fourth-year students of Chinese linguistics had been directly interviewed  and recruited as interpreters, translators, assistants, office workers, workers for production sector and  marketing sector, etc. This event was also a chance for the students to learn and accumulate essential experience of being candidates so that they can be confident in official interviews.

The Job Fair fulfilled its role as an effective link, being a practical solution in finding the “output” for the students, which the Faculty of Foreign language teacher education as well as Dong Thap University have been implementing in the past few years.

Some photos at the Job Fair:

Student in direct interview with the recruiters
News: Kha Quang
Photos: Thanh Nguyen