783 - Pham Huu Lau street - Ward 6
Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap province, Viet Nam
Phone: (067) 3881518 - Fax: (067) 3881713 - Email: dhdt@dthu.edu.vn


Tel: 067.3881197
Dr. Nguyen Van De, Rector, Email: nvde@dthu.edu.vn
Dr. Nguyen Van Ban, Vice Rector, Email: nvban@dthu.edu.vn
Dr. Pham Minh Gian, Vice Rector, Email: pmgian@dthu.edu.vn


Tel: 067.38527181 / 067.3881615
Dr. Duong Huy Can, Head of Labor Union, Email: dhcan@dthu.edu.vn
Mr. Truong Tan Dat, Head of Youth Union, Email: ttdat@dthu.edu.vn


Faculty of Arts

Tel: 067.3882116
Mr. Luong Minh Trung, Dean, Email: lmtrung@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Economic

Tel: 067.3881369
Mr. Nguyen Giac Tri, Dean, Email: ngtri@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Psychology and Education Management

Tel: 067.3883044
Ms. Vu Thi Phuong, Dean, Email: vtphuong@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Information Technology

Tel: 067.3881623
Mr. Nguyen Huu Duyet, Dean, Email: nhduyet@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Political Education

Tel: 067.3882338
Dr. Luong Thanh Tan, Dean, Email: lttan@dthu.edu.vn
Ms. Le Kinh Oanh, Vice Dean, Email: lkoanh@dthu.edu.vn
Dr. Le Trong Minh, Vice Dean, Email: ltminh@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Tel: 067.3882006
Dr. Do Minh Hung, Dean, Email: dmhung@dthu.edu.vn
Ms. Vo Phan Thu Ngan, Vice Dean, Email: vptngan@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Biology

Tel: 067.3882648
Mr. Vo Ngoc Thanh, Dean, Email: vnthanh@dthu.edu.vn
Mr. Le Huu Binh, Vice Dean, Email: lhbinh@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Physics

Tel: 067.3882919
Dr. Luong Van Tung, Dean, Email: lvtung@dthu.edu.vn
Dr. Huynh Vinh Phuc, Vice Dean, Email: hvphuc@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of National Defense and Security Education

Tel: 067.38553366
Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Dean, Email: nvson@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Nursery-Primary Education

Tel: 067.3881613
Dr. Duong Huy Can, Dean, Email: dhcan@dthu.edu.vn
Dr. Huynh Mong Tuyen, Vice Dean, Email: hmtuyen@dthu.edu.vn
Mr. Nguyen Huu Hieu, Vice Dean, Email: nhhieu@dthu.edu.vn
Ms. Ho Thi Thu Ha, Vice Dean, Email: httha@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Physical Education

Tel: 067.3882339
Mr. Nguyen Van Hau, Dean, Email: nvhau@dthu.edu.vn
Mr. La Van Liem, Vice Dean, Email: lvliem@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Tel: 067.3882008
Dr. Le Huong Giang, Dean, Email: lhgiang@dthu.edu.vn
Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, Vice Dean, Email: ntktien@dthu.edu.vn
Ms. Tran Thi Kim Trang, Vice Dean, Email: ttktrang@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Mathematics

Tel: 067.3881624
Dr. Nguyen Duong Hoang, Dean, Email: ndhoang@dthu.edu.vn
Dr. Le Xuan Truong, Vice Dean, Email: lxtruong@dthu.edu.vn
Dr. Nguyen Van Dung, Vice Dean, Email: nvdung@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Geography

Tel: 067.3883043
Mr. Le Thanh Binh, Dean, Email: ltbinh@dthu.edu.vn
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam, Vice Dean, Email: nttam@dthu.edu.vn

Faculty of Chemical

Tel: 067.3883043
Dr. Tran Quoc Tri, Dean, Email: tqtrinh@dthu.edu.vn
Dr. Ho Sy Thanh, Vice Dean, Email: hsthang@dthu.edu.vn


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