Dong Thap University warmly welcomed Prof. Dr. John. H. Behzad - the US's leading strategic consultant

  • Posted: 25/Dec/2012
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On December 15, 2012, Dong Thap University (DThU) was honored to welcome Prof. Dr. John H. Behzad – the USs leading strategic consultant, and Ms.Do Thi Phuc, Director of Solidarites Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ) to visit and work with DThU.

At the Guest Hall of DThU Rectorate Board, Dr. Nguyen Van Ban – DThU Vice Rector, along with representative leaders of Department of International Affairs, and the lectures reprentatives of Social Work and Department of Student Affairs warmly welcomed Prof. Dr. John. H. Behzad and Ms.Do Thi Phuc

At the meeting, leader representatives of DThU kindly introduced, sharing information of the overview of DThU’s activities on training, scientific research, and international cooperation activities. Prof. John H. Behzad kindly shared fruitful information and experiences to help DThU. Besides, he also introduced the worldwide practice programs of Business Administration that requires the executive director volunteering abroad one year to support business experience and knowledge.

After the meeting, Prof. John H. Behzad addressed the students on the topic of social enterprise. Both Social Work and Business Management are important fields of study and the interaction of these fields provide great opportunities for students to contribute positively to the welfare of their society.

Prof.Dr.John H. Behzad and DThU representatives

Prof.Dr. John H. Behzad addressed the students on the topic of social enterprise