The visit of the delegation from Germany

  • Posted: 10/Apr/2014
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          On April 4th, 2014, the delegation led by Mr. Tobias Kogge, Deputy Mayor for Education and Social Services, City of Halle, Germany paid a visit to Dong Thap University (DThU).
          Warmly welcoming the delegation at DThU’s side was Dr. Nguyen Van Ban, Vice Rector of DThU, together with the representative leaders and staff of Political Education and Social Work Faculty, of International Cooperation Department.
           At the meeting, the delegation kindly shared their experiences in case management and methods of organizing social service’s activities and expressed their will to cooperate with DThU on issues related to Social work. In response, Dr. Nguyen Van Ban showed that he highly appreciated the delegates’ suggestion and asserted that this cooperation would open many internship opportunities as well as provide practical experiences for the students of Social work.
           Some pictures of the delegation from Germany at DThU:
A souvenir photo
 At the meeting room 

Dr. Nguyen Van Ban (right) is offering DThU’s logo as a token to Mr. Kogge