Opening Ceremony Speech Of School Year 2017 2018

  • Posted: 21/Sep/2017
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by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van De, Merited Teacher

Dear Mr Le Minh Hoan, Member of Central Party Committee, Secretary of Dong Thap’s Party Committee
Mr Vo Trong Huu, In charge Member, Director General of Department of Society and Culture, Steering Committee of Vietnam’s Southwestern Region
Mr Nguyen Tien Dung, Deputy Director General, Vice Chief of Ho Chi Minh city based Representative Office of Education and Training Ministry
Mrs Ta Thi Thu Hien, Permanent Vice Director of Center for Education Accreditation – Vietnam National University Hanoi.
Distinguished delegates, participants
Dear colleagues and students
It is on this morning of September 19th, 2017, or on the lunar month of July 29th, year of the Chicken that Dong Thap University solemnly holds a ceremony of school opening for the academic year of 2017-2018 and also a ceremony to announce a decision and grant a certificate of national education quality.
Our University is honored to welcome the presence of distinguished leaders, delegates, distinguished guests both domestically and internationally, reporters from different news agencies, colleagues and 1,368 freshmen, successfully entered Dong Thap University in 2017 University and College Entrance Examination. May I take this opportunity to send to all of you the warmest welcome!
Distinguished delegates, colleagues and students
It is so happy to say that one remarkable achievement we Dong Thap University gained in the last academic year of 2016 2017 is “being the only University in Mekong delta to register for national education quality recognition and to win a certificate of education accreditation, meeting the current assessment standards at institutional level set by the Ministry of Education and Training”. Please wait in some more minutes to come, we will witness an official ceremony, of much meaning and emotion, to announce the recognition decision and grant of a certificate of education accreditation.
In its development strategies for the period of 2011 – 2020, Dong Thap University considers that “winning a certificate of education accreditation is a goal of top priority” so that it serves as an important mark for us to review a period of sustainable development, at the same time responds to the 15th anniversary of the University establishment day (2003 -2018), 42nd anniversary of Dong Thap’s teacher training institution (1997-2017), 43 years of Dong Thap University construction and development, which altogether will be organized on January 10th, 2018. At the same time, we would like to take strong commitments to prestige assertion and international integrity by our internal capacities and potentialities.
We strongly believe that winning a certificate for education accreditation itself will not probably bring any immediate quality to each university but the certificate serves as a mirror so that all of the university’s aspects will be clearly seen. This will surely enable the managers of different levels to have the comprehensive look at the university’s strong points and weak points so that appropriate actions will be taken. Based on the priceless suggestions and recommendations by the Members of the Accrediting Council, Dong Thap University has timely recognized its strong points and weak points, its opportunities and challenges. All education accreditation related activities help us reconstruct a university’s data, improve working procedures to meet current demands and requirements, enhance staff’s sense of responsibilities as well as get us ready for working  on an updating status.
A certificate of education evaluation will simultaneously contribute to the university and its affiliated units to keep working on quality assurance improvement. This will help change the staff’s belief and points of view on responsibility, mainly from taking it by the University’s leaders to a broader range of stakeholders, including students, recruiters, the government and the whole society.
On this occasion, may I send our sincere thanks to the Ministry of Education and Training, Steering Committee of Vietnam’s Southwestern Region, Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee of Dong Thap province, departments, branches and agencies of Dong Thap province and of other provinces and cities for their valuable concerns and cooperation, supports and sharing of development resources during our path of perfection and development. Thank you very much.
On behalf of the University, I would like to thank my colleagues, university’s students in the former and present time, recruiters for your close cooperation, continuous efforts made during the dates of education accreditation work. As a head of the university, I am personally very moved and grateful to the efforts that all of you made. Thank you very much.
Distinguished delegates, colleagues and students
One more achievement we made in the last academic year, which may be regarded as “the second big success”, is that “Dong Thap University is one among 15 educational institutions nationwide to be permitted by the Ministry of Education and Training to organize classes which prepare school teachers working in State run schools for examinations to increase their ranks in occupational title scale. In addition, Dong Thap University did reap significant results on such areas as training, scientific research (54 articles were published in international journals), international cooperation, university management, education quality assurance work, management and purchase of teaching and learning equipment and facilities, planning and finance, students’ affairs.
In the university, many beneficial working models have been formed and operated effectively, contributing to the improvement of the university’s quality of training. Take them for example, Young Researchers, Scientific Research Club of Lecturers and Students, Reading Club, Club of Young Writers and Literature Lovers, Student’s Business Startup Association, Club of Chung suc (Hand joining), Club of Volunteers and Life Skill Development, Association of Cultural Heritage Preservation, Communication and Event Group and many other of the same kind.
Much work has also been done so that some disciplines will be added to the university’s tertiary education curriculum, for example “Business startup” to the curriculum of non-pedagogical majors, “Job seeking skills” to the curriculum of all majors. Some preparatory steps have also been taken for the implementation of a model “Morning coffee with Rector”, organized right in the University’s Book house.  (This is to be held once or twice a month so that the University Rector can meet students, university’s staff, to listen, share and give feedback to their ideas)
In the face of its strong points, opportunities and achievements, the University takes a bold outlook to the shortcomings and challenges it is encountering.  In term of its shortcomings, a small number of lecturers fail to meet the expected capacities for teaching and doing scientific research as required by the reality and international integrity conditions (especially in the context of Technology Revolution 4.0); the operation budget is tight; the tertiary education curriculum and training procedures are not modernized, organization and management of training affairs under credit system have now and then been ineffective or unprofessional; majors of teacher’s training have not been attractive enough to students; graduated students have many difficulties in finding jobs; the State investment budget for national targeted education programs have been reduced, leading to difficulties in the university’s allocating funds for basic infrastructure construction, facility and equipment purchase because sources of collection from training activities are just sufficient for regular spending.
Dear honored guests and colleagues!
Our beloved students!
As the new academic year 2017-2018 begins, we, the entire university staff and student body, will be united and determined in our teaching and learning endeavors and will explore our new theme for the year: “Innovations and creativity in our teaching,” focusing on the following six essentials:
1. Continue to raise the competence and quality of the university teaching staff, system management, infrastructure, and equipment; strengthen our international cooperation, incrementally meeting the developmental demands in the context of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
2. Continue to expand the academic programs in new and creative ways; initiate a technological and scientific research according to its applications; intentionally cultivate professional ethics and develop skill for learners; strengthen the links among the recruiting department, the educational management organizations at all levels, and the general educational establishments.
3. Continue to build and develop a quality and lasting university culture, putting in place all the conditions necessary to become a model self-governed higher education establishment.
4. Develop strategic university plans up to year 2025 and visions up to year 2035, focussing on producing quality human resources, invest in improving the teaching staff  and raising their academic standards.
5. Continue to step up community service activities, investing effectively in educational communication work, introducing and promoting the university campus, organizing the celebration of its 15-year anniversary.
6. Continue to build and develop a reading culture in the university; establish and connect support for the graduating student movement.
On behalf of the university, I thank you students for choosing Dong Thap University. My first words for you are, “Welcome to Dong Thap University!” Congratulations on starting a new journey under the name Dong Thap University. A new journey has begun, and I would like to share with you, with all my affections, 3 small things:
First, you need to determine, “Where do I want to go?” The answer to that will determine your goals and destination.
Second, you need to determine where you’re starting from. That will help you determine your current position.
And third, to achieve your goals in your intellectual conquest, you need to have a map and a compass. Those are your plans.
Your journey has officially begun. It’s where you learn and mature. It’s the time where you learn to be independent, to take responsibility for your own decisions, to “manage changes,” to make new friends, to form new social relationships, to participate in various clubs and extracurricular and social activities. You will and need to face many challenges. You will probably make mistakes, but, through those mistakes, you will stand stronger. No matter what happens, I hope that you will have an interesting journey and will foster a spirit of adventure, experience, and starting and establishing your future career.
This academic year 2017-2018, our university has 586 employees, 92% of whom have graduate degrees; and among these are 4 associate professors, 76 doctorates, 301 masters (78 are researchers). Together with many scientists, educators, and experts in many fields, they participate in your education, promising a dynamic academic environment with “a hidden training program” carrying a foundational meaning - the university culture.
This academic year 2017-2018, our university trains 8,000 full-time students with 6 Master’s programs and 32 Bachelor’s programs. You have chosen this university, Dong Thap University while you could have chosen many others. Because of that, each of us teachers needs to put in our best, for your sake as well as ours. Let us together have joy on this intellectual journey and may you feel overflowing kindness in every lecture hall and classroom. Let’s transform every classroom, department office, and center into a place where you feel safe, where you can find a trustworthy person to share with, and where you find support. Let’s make every club into a place where you freely express your creativity and pursue your passion.
I still remember a story about the words inscribed on the Trafalgar Square in London with roughly this meaning: “England expects every person to fulfill his own work and responsibility.” And according to many cultural researchers, that inscription though simple has a significant meaning and appeal. I also expect that “at DTU, each person will fulfill his own work and responsibility.” Because:
At university, each teacher is “an educator.” An educator is a combination of: a teacher, a scientist, a manager, and service provider to society.
At university, each administration staff is “a coordinator” and “an expert link” in the operating process.
At university, each learner needs to be a self-motivated learner and “a torch ready to be lit,” more than a vessel waiting to be filled.
Let us together be determined to do that! Here at our beloved DTU, each of us and each department need to do precisely our tasks and labor with seriousness and the spirit of innovation and creativity. For our shared success comes from teamwork and the combined accomplishments of each individual, a small part of the same whole.
Beloved students!
“Open your books - those words inside are the wide open roads. Walk onto them - Behind each failure is an experience, a seed of success.”
Our dear guests!
One more time from the pulpit, on behalf of the leadership of the university, I sincerely thank you and wish you all, our leaders, honored guests, colleagues, and students, good health, happiness, and success!
With all due respect, I hereby declare the start of the academic year 2017-2018 and sound this drum to signal a new school year has begun!