Seminar on “Sharing some experiences in Western Teaching Methods”

  • Posted: 26/Dec/2016
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On December 9 - 10, 2016, Dong Thap University honorably welcomed Prof. John F. Snyder to organize the seminar on “Sharing some experiences in Western Teaching Methods”. This was a good opportunity for lecturers and students of the Economics and Business Administration Faculty to accumulate much more knowledge about Western Teaching Methods.
Prof. Snyder is a Fulbright scholar. He comes from Benedictine University, Illinois, the USA. In two working days, Prof. Snyder introduced some experiences in Western Teaching Methods to the lecturers and students of Economics and Business Administration. He presented some examples of Student – Centered Teaching Method by using Business Cases and Computer Simulations. The students were really engaged in the seminar’s activities as if they were employees in a true company. The seminar provided the lecturers with teaching experiences and brought new knowledge and fun to the students.
Some photos at the seminar:
A warm-up with Jenga wooden block game
Prof. Snyder gives instruction to the lecturers and students in an activity
Prof. Snyder examines students’ products
A souvenir photo between Prof. Snyder and some students