Exchanging Teaching Experiences with Cologne University and Osnabruck University, Germany

  • Posted: 16/Aug/2016
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On August 11th, 2016, Mr. Luong Thanh Tan, Vice rector of Dong Thap University (DThU) and representatives of Faculty of Literature – History – Geography Teacher Education had a meeting with the delegation from the two prestigious universities - University of Cologne and University of Osnabrück, Germany to exchange information about teaching Geography.

University of Cologne, founded in 1388, is considered as one of the oldest university in Germany. University of Cologne is famous for its training courses such as: Business Administration, National Economy, Law Science and International Management. University of Osnabrück, founded in 1974, is a young university in northwest Germany that is renowned for its research and teaching in the areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Law and Business Administration/ Economics. On the occasion of this visit, leader representatives from Geography Education Institute of University of Cologne and University of Osnabrück hope that their students will gain much wonderful experiences when being able to take part in the workshop and create a good opportunity for them to share Geography teaching experiences with DThU’s lecturers/ students and teachers of Geography in Dong Thap Province on August 13th, 2016. 

 At the meeting, the two sides have also introduced and discussed the models of training Geography students, the number of years for students to get Bachelor degree, Master Degree and Doctor degree as well as shared their practical experiences in annually sending their students abroad. Mr. Luong Thanh Tan hoped that the three universities will become partnerships about Geography Teaching Program in the shortest time.


Some photos of the meeting and the Geography teaching experiences exchange program:



 A meeting with DThU’s Rectorate Board and Representatives of Faculty of Literature – History - Geography


 Group photo



 Mr. Trinh Phi Hoanh’ s speech


 Mrs. Miriam Kuckuck’s presentation