Teaching experience exchange between teachers of Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Japan and Dong Thap University’s

  • Posted: 01/Oct/2015
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On September 28th, 2015, the delegation of teachers from Hyogo University of Teacher Education (HUTE), Japan led by Professor Takafumi Yoshimoto paid a visit to Dong Thap University (DThU).
Warmly welcoming the delegation at DThU’s side was Dr. Nguyen Van Ban, Vice-rector of DThU together with other staff and students.
Through this visit, the teachers of HUTE and of DThU had a session for class observation and for teaching methods as well as teaching experience exchange. The session was taken place with many interesting methods and exciting activities which made the students engaged in the lessons. This kind of exchange activity is not only helpful for the teachers but also a great chance for the students – the future teachers to accumulate knowledge and experience for their careers.
Speaking at the exchange, Vice-rector Nguyen Van Ban expressed his thank-you to the delegation for coming and sharing their teaching methods with DThU’s teachers and his hope that the two universities will have more and more meaningful activities like this and even much closer relationship in the coming time.
Some photos of  the delegation at DThU:
A  period in Math teaching methods by  Mr. Vu Van Duc 
“Enjoying Math” by Mr. Tomonaga Kohei 
 Ms. Yuko Motoi introduces how she applies Kimono in math teaching
  A souvenir photo of teachers and students