The delegation of Bac Lieu (BL) Giz project visited Dong Thap University

  • Posted: 25/Dec/2012
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In the afternoon on October 22, 2012, Dr.Nguyen Van Ban, Vice Rector of DThU and representatives of International Cooperation Department, Academic Affairs Department, Faculty of Geography, Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Biology, and Faculty of Primary-Nursery Education welcomed Ms.Martina Pletsch-Betancourt, Environmental Educational Counselor of BL Giz project.

This visit was to explore DThU’s training activities to co-ordinate with propaganda about environmental education to students.

At the meeting, Dr.Nguyen Van Ban expressed his warmest welcome to the delegation. DThU Rector Board hoped that BL GIZ would deliver surveys to offer propaganda activities, including holding workshops about environmental education to DThU students to enhance their awareness in environmental preservation. Dong Thap University is eligible and willing to cooperate with GIZ projects in the fields of environment and environmental education.

A commemorative photo (From left to right: 7. Ms. Martina Pletsch –Betancourt; 8. Dr. Nguyen Van Ban)